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Based in Dubai Logistics City since 2006, Ehrhardt Partner Group (EPG) is a top player among the logistics and warehouse solutions providers. Delivering state-of-the-art warehouse and logistics solutions, EPG helps shipping and freight forwarding service providers run their operations effectively in a cost-effective manner. Integrated with the latest technologies, EPG solutions function in multiple ways, supporting the user to manage and report the shipment to their clients. Being a leading logistics solutions provider, EPG is one of the top recommended freight solutions companies across the Middle East, Asia, and African market. 

Having a global network of local partners, EPG is connected worldwide with 700 staff, 19 location presence, more than 1500 warehouse projects and a multitude of LFS users. The EPG logistics software suite is a cutting-edge supply chain management system for the effective functioning of your entire logistics needs. It enables you to control and manage all your logistics operations and resource flow across various industries. The major logistics solutions of EPG are Warehouse Management (LFS), Warehouse Control System (WCS), Transportation Management (TMS), International Shipping System (ISS), Workforce Management (WFM), Contract and Billing (CnB), Dashboards (TIMESQUARE), and Dock Management (DOCK). 

The EPG logistics consulting services include Online Optimization Platform, Inventory Health Check,  Logistics optimization, Logistics planning, Virtual reality warehouse planning, and more. Apart from these, EPG offers various aviation solutions such as Ground Handling System (GHS), Cargo Handling System (CARGO), Resource Management (RMS), and Airport Billing System (AIRPORT). Through their top-notch LFS solutions, EPG has secured more than thousands of clients globally to make their shipping, freight, and warehouse operations hassle-free. Audi, Faurecia, Winkler, Mann+Hummel, MotoRad, Lear Corporation, kfzteile24, Mahle, are some of the pre-eminent clients of EPG. 

The enterprise-ready logistics software of EPG is suited for international, multi-language applications in various sectors of trade and commerce, production, and logistics services. EPG offers transparent and secure cloud solutions to control all your logistics requirements. If you are looking for a high-quality logistics and warehouse management solution to increase your workflow efficiency, improve savings and future viability at a reduced cost, connect with EPG and schedule a demo at the earliest. 




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