Jini Systems is a leading IT solutions provider based in Sharjah, UAE. The company has more than a decade of experience in providing the best quality digital solutions to various industries and businesses across the Middle East and India. The specialties of the company include System Study & Analysis, iPack Cloud, Business Intelligence Tools, Mobile Application Development, and much more.

Jini Systems is a well-reputed IT technology and services company specializing in business applications and cloud solutions. Established in the year 2004, the company has its headquarters in Sharjah, UAE. The company has been successfully involved in providing quality software solutions to various industry verticals in the Middle East and India enabling them to adapt to the current technology and business needs through substantial and consistent research and development. Jini Systems functions on the principle of providing international software and System Integration solutions coupled with quality after-sales service and support. Jini Systems’ branded system, iPack has been implemented at various organizations in the Middle East and India with a successful price vs. performance ratio.

The company recognizes that information is vital for management and the presentation of information in an efficient and easily understandable framework, crucial. The company also understands that not every business manager requires similar tools and what works for a service-based company might be useless for a manufacturer. Jini Systems offers proven ERP software solutions that can be perfectly customized according to the client’s needs.

While understanding the software and its practical application is a critical component of a successful implementation, equally important is the integrated approach that addresses all the levels of implementation. Jini Systems’ approach considers the People, the Organization, Business Processes, and Systems in an integrated, iterative fashion, all expertly coordinated by the experienced, successful project management at Jini Systems.

The company has repeatedly seen the importance of an integrated approach and a well-thought-out implementation strategy to ensure overall project success. The project methodology of the company is designed to provide an integrated approach to implementation and ensure that the activities critical to all the levers of implementation remain focused and coordinated across each implementation project stage – Analysis, Design, Construction, and Implementation. Jini Systems is also involved in outlining its standard software implementation approach which includes the key phrases and describes the key activities and deliverables within each phase.

The whole range of services provided by the company are streamlined into System Study & Analysis, iPack cloud, Oracle Database & Application Support, Data Warehouse Reporting & Analysis, Business Intelligence Tools, and Mobile Application Development.

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