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Services is a well-reputed and widely acclaimed IT Services and Consulting company in the Middle East. The company builds advanced cognitive solutions, products, and platforms for businesses that solve challenging real-life problems for customers. 

At the company offers leading cognitive AI solutions to information-intensive domains such as healthcare, financial services, and public services to advance businesses into the digital era. Leveraging the power of AI and the myriad of options resulting from human-machine interaction, strives to unlock exponential growth opportunities for humanity to live meaningful and compassionate lives. The uniqueness of’s framework lies in the flexibility it offers by continuously being optimized to seamlessly integrate into any business.

The company embarks on an advancement program for employee competency development, using an AI-powered Human Capital Development platform that offers to employees the opportunity to enhance their skills and navigate the corporate ladder towards an advancing career path. The company enables enterprises to assess the overall customer sentiment towards their brand, product, or service, with its customized sentiment analysis tool, as consumers share their brand experience with the world.

The company prides itself on having a dynamic and diverse team operating in all fields related to technology and AI.’s team includes big data architects and scientists, machine learning engineers, subject matter experts, data analysts who come from highly regarded backgrounds with extensive AI proficiency.

At, the company collaborates to establish a collective vision that drives the company into the future of AI. All its accomplishments are the sum of its experts’ diverse and joint efforts, which mobilizes the company to be an unparalleled global force for industries seeking effective AI solutions to tackle their business challenges. The team at is the company’s most important asset and resource, helping it create positive transformation in the world of digital innovation. The customers are the impetus that helps it move forward and pushes it to accomplish more to achieve engaging and lasting relationships.

The company thrives on individual entrepreneurship among team members to represent its company enabling employees to take full responsibility for celebrated results. The specialties of the company include Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Graph, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Multilingual Support.


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