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Softec Technologies is one of the most innovative and progressive technology companies providing Intelligence and Visibility solutions for on-road motions to empower logistics, transportation, and mobility organizations around the globe and enable them to achieve more. The company has successfully helped more than 5,000 organizations achieve more through its cloud platforms and on-premise deployments.

Softec has its offices in Amsterdam, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Cairo. NORMA is its AI assistant providing static, dynamic, and real-time route optimization solutions based on machine learning and advanced evolutionary computing. ALTAIR provides a set of command & control and sector-specific end-to-end transportation visibility solutions that work hand in hand with NORMA. With its brilliant team and expertise, the company has a proven track record of successful implementation for large-scale organizations, governments as well as SMEs. Softec is driven by customer success and prides itself on its success stories.

Softec International is a pioneer in the cloud and on premised based Smart City, Internet of Things (IoT), and Machine to Machine (M2M) software solutions. Softec International’s Smart City applications, branded as Altair, cover Public Safety, Health, Agriculture, Water & Energy, Enterprise and SMB sectors. The Altair Product Portfolio covers ready-made turnkey solutions on the cloud and on-premise such as First Response Computer-Aided Dispatching (CAD), Command & Control software for Crisis Management, Unified Emergency, Smart Ambulance, and Smart Police Patrol, Fleet and Transportation Management, Smart Vehicle Triage and Dispatching, Smart Metering, Mobile based Field Force Automation and Smart Inspection Management, Remote Agriculture Monitoring and Intelligent Asset Monitoring. The products of the company include Norma Live, Norma Go, Altair FM, Altair DC, and Altair LC. The industries that Softec caters to are CPG & FMCG, E-Commerce, Grocery Home Delivery, and 3PL - 3rd Party Logistics.

One of the prominent milestones of the company was in 2017. In 2017, Softec moved its headquarters to Dubai. SME Customers reached 1,000. Empowered 16 999 Command & Control centers in the UAE with Safe City. The company also set up of presence in Abu Dhabi and Riyadh. The establishment of a Logistics-focused AI Lab in Cairo also happened in 2017.

The specialties of the company include Fleet Management & GPS Tracking, Cloud-Based Solutions, Vehicle Routing, AI for Logistics, Route Planning, Route Optimization Software, and Delivery Management Software.


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