Android App Development Companies in UAE

We present to you the chosen Android app development companies in UAE. Hire them to design and development mobile applications that catalyse your growth. Our team examined the agencies offering android app development in UAE to pick the best ones. Rest assured, the android developers in this digital directory would be your best bet for app development requirements.

Choose the Best Android App Development in UAE

Android has been the most popular mobile operating system. Owning a majority of share in the mobile OS, android is the uncrowned king. You can leverage Android mobile applications and gain extensive publicity and growth. With the rise in clients looking for android app development in UAE, there is a tough battle going on among the android mobile app development companies.

Our specialists had to expend much time to segregate the best android app development agencies in UAE. Select the one from the index of reliable android app development companies in UAE. The firm is assured to deliver you exemplary results in the time agreed upon.  

This has been the comprehensive directory of digital services including digital marketing firms, web development agencies, iOS app development services, and android app development companies in UAE. Find the top firms that would render you with outstanding services.

Leading Android App Development Companies in UAE

It takes relentless efforts, matchless services and committed support to become the leader in any field. Accordingly, the leading android app development companies from UAE, which we included in this directory, have been offering positive and productive results.

The android mobile app developers listed here have proven skills, efficiency, talent and expertise. They would design and develop an android mobile application in the framework you want, in the stipulated time.

We are proud to formulate such a list of exceptional talents and display it for you. The leading android app development firms in UAE, have qualified professionals with immense knowledge and experience in varying app development frameworks including Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, Swiftic. Ionic, OnsenUI, and PhoneGap.

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Directory of Top Android App Development Companies in UAE

We have handpicked the trustworthy and highly-performing android app development companies just for you. It took us several days and months to prepare this list of professional android app development firms in the country. You can just get in touch with them, discuss your requirements and assign them to develop the android app for you.

The android app developers mentioned here have widespread experience in designing and developing android mobile applications for a plethora of organizations and entities from diverse sectors. They would study your requirements and submit you the best proposal.

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SpiderWorks Technologies is a prominent and widely acclaimed IT Services company based in India and UAE, with over 15+ years of industry experience in providing the best IT solutions to its clients worldwide. The company has an excellent track record of delivering 1000+ projects to its credit pan India and the Middle East. The specialties of the company include Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, Digital Advertising, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Web Development, Web Designing, Google AdWords, Brand Management, and more. 

Maxart is a leading social media marketing agency in Dubai, UAE providing quality social media services at a very reasonable rate. Since its establishment in 2011, Maxart has been providing state of the art online marketing services to local and global customers. Building effective marketing strategies and successful lead generation plans, they have been helping clients across the world to hit their right audience, increasing sales and revenue. Maxart is equally competent in doing traditional commercial advertisements and digital marketing through the internet and social media.  What makes Maxart different from its competitors is creativity and innovation. The key services of Maxart are Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Brand building, eCommerce web development, creative designing, video production, mobile app development, and wholesome digital marketing services. 

Adept Business Solutions is one of the fast-growing business applications providers catering to small and enterprise-level companies in the Middle East. Along with business consulting services, Adept offers various other software solutions including payroll software, ERM systems, CRM solutions, property management software, and customized software solutions to clients across the Middle East. Adept would be an ideal choice if you are looking for a global business solutions provider. 

Brand  Stallion Dubai offers a comprehensive range of branding and digital marketing services apart from website design and development solutions. Being one of the top social media marketing firms in UAE, which offer quality social media marketing services to clients from different industries, Brand Stallio is popular among various industries. As a full-service creative technology agency, Brand Stallion envisages transforming your business digitally combining advanced technologies and strategies that are guaranteed to bring great results through brand awareness and high traffic. 


EDS is a Dubai-based digital solutions company providing web development, web designing and comprehensive digital marketing services including search engine optimization, pay per click, social media marketing, content generation, and more. Established in 2006, EDS is a team of experts who are technically skilled, creative and have good analytical skills. EDS adopts cross-channel digital marketing campaigns that incorporate a wide range of proven techniques to achieve different goals such as agile website development and designing, lead generation, brand awareness, social media promotion, and everything that adds value to your business. 

Verbat, established in 1999, is a technology leader providing advanced solutions such as agile internet and mobile solutions to varied industries. Being an industry leader, Verbat helps you transform your business expanding your growth and identity by leveraging various results-driven strategies. If you are looking for reliable software and digital marketing solutions provider, Verbat is a considerable choice for you. 

Renowned as a cloud agency based in Dtec, Dubai, Acuity offers state-of-the-art cloud development and designing services for businesses across the Emirates. As a leading cloud service provider, they specialize in Cloud Software Development, Business Analysis, Mobile Apps Development, Designing Services, Legacy Modernization, and Cloud Security Services. If you are looking for a cloud service partner in UAE, Acuity is one of the ideal choices. 

Four Square International is a leading IT solutions company in the UAE, providing top-notch IT services at the global level. Renowned as an all-inclusive IT solution and IT infrastructure organization, Four Square offers varied information technology solutions and services, considering the requirements of clients. To know more about Four Square International and its expertise, continue reading. 

Aphidas is a leading Salesforce consulting team in the UAE, offering CRM services and support across the Emirates. Right from CRM implementation to support, maintenance, integration, upgrading, resourcing, and training, Aphidas offers a whole bunch of CRM software consultation and services to diverse segments. Read on to know more about Aphidas as a CRM consultant in UAE. 

Lazulite Technology Services LLC, launched in 2016, has been the leading provider of technology solutions since its inception. Lazulite offers innovative technology solutions focusing on Experiential Marketing, Sensory Activations, Brand Promotions, Immersive Experiences, Retail Entertainment, Crowd-Gathering, and creative solutions for events and exhibitions in the Middle East. Innovative, trusted, high–quality, cost-effective, end-to-end IT and digital technology solutions are the highlight of Lazulite Technology Services, LLC.

Beams IT Solutions, the leading provider of ERP solutions across GCC and India. Founded in 2007 in Dubai, Beams has 15+ years of industry experience, 4000+ implementations, and 5000+ international customers to its credit. With a dedicated, committed, and passionate team of experts, Beams IT solutions deliver excellence in every project it undertakes.

Netaq E- Solutions is a groundbreaking and leading global provider of web design and development, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) services. Established in 2010, Netaq has over a decade’s industry experience. Having major industries and corporates in their clientele, the major areas of service of Netaq are Web Design, Web development, ERP Solutions, IT Consultancy, Staff Augmentation, and Automation.

If you are looking for an award-winning development company that can deliver cutting edge solutions, then DiginixAi is the right partner you can associate with. As a leading software development company in Dubai, DiginixAi offers various digital solutions for clients across the world. The expertise, experience, portfolio, and achievements of DiginixAi cannot be explained in a few lines, so continue reading. 

Omega CST is a leading, reputed, and peerless website design and development company headquartered in Abu Dubai. With over two decades of experience in the industry, offering affordable services like web design & development, cloud service, application development, Digital marketing, etc. Omega CST has an impressive track record in providing excellent and affordable services and digital solutions worldwide.

Zurich Technology LLC is a prominent and leading ISO certified Engineering service company established by a group of engineers and management professionals. The company is a multi-faceted IT based security support solution combining a broad scope of services under one unique umbrella. The range of the services provided by the company includes Visitor Management Solutions, Mobile App Development (Android & ios), NFC Marketing, and more.


Frequently Asking Question’s

The android app development company would manage the maintenance and upgrades if they were included in the agreement. It would be better if the post-sales support and maintenance are mentioned in the contract. So that the specialists at the android app development firm will handle all the tasks meticulously.

Depends on the type of app. This is the simple answer to the question. Android app development may take more time if the app has a complex design.

The android app development cost cannot be stated in a generic manner. For that matter, the expense of android app development will depend on the type of app and the company involved. You may pick the best android app development company from our directory and discuss the details regarding costs.

UAE has several top-performing android app development companies that promise app development at predefined budgets. We have handpicked the best android app development firms in UAE for you to choose from conveniently.