Big Data Analytics Companies in UAE

Harness big data to implement innovative measures to drive web traffic, enhance conversions and boost business growth. Choose from the best big data analytics companies in UAE from this directory of digital services. We have handpicked the big data analytics solutions in UAE that offer you outstanding services.

Top Big data Analytics Services in UAE

Data management and analysis have become a herculean task with the high amount of data generation nowadays. Traditional methods will not be of much use in extracting the statistics and info your business requires. Futuristic big data analytic firms in UAE explore the possibility of advanced solutions. This includes exploration of Artificial Intelligence to overcome the limitations.

Strategize your business approach, manage employees efficiently and reach out to a wider customer base than normal, with big data analytics. Pick from this list of leading big data analytics solutions in UAE. To augment the growth phenomenally.

Our team studied the big data analysis services in UAE for arranging them in the correct order. The directory comprises dependable firms with a remarkable record of accomplishment. Open up new business fields and make use of the opportunities optimally by using the insights from big data analytics.

Refine the products and services to suit the ideal customer segment, with the data obtained. Hire a reliable big data analytics company in UAE to propel the company forward. And accomplish unparalleled success.

Leading Big Data Analytics Companies in UAE

The leading big data analytics companies in UAE have proficient professionals with exhaustive experience and expertise. They would institute unique technical processes to obtain the desired results.

Capturing the data, storage of info, processing the inputs and analysis to ascertain the intricate aspects are the four major steps in big data analysis. Institution of state-of-the-art techniques would be vital in gaining the requisite outcome.

This directory of big data analytics solutions in UAE would be your guide to the most dependable firms specialised in the field. Their constant support and data-driven guidance would be the catalyst for your growth.

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Big Data Analytics Offered by Companies in UAE

Comprehensive big data analytics solutions would make decision-making, employing marketing methods and choosing customer segments more productive. The big data analytics services offered by the top companies in UAE include:

·         ETL – Customized ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process would be pivotal in big data analytics. Data extracted from different channels would have to be transformed using advanced techniques. Only a specialist big data analysis firm in UAE can provide this service efficiently.

·         Data Processing – Manual and automated data processing is the key to the big data analytics process. The data must be based on the client requirements and objectives.

·         Integration of the Obtained Data – Data integration helps in using the data to the optimum, to achieve the intended result.

·         Consultation Services – Big data analytics firms in UAE offer consultation services as well. It would be useful for companies from varying sectors to explore the possibility of big data analysis.

Directory of Big Data Analytics Companies in UAE

This directory of big data analytics solutions in UAE consists of firms with immense talent and expertise. These high-performing companies would be the guide, mentor, support and catalyst for your forward journey.

Predictive insight analysis offered by the big data analysis services would aid in tapping into novel customer segments. Besides, ushering in better growth possibilities, big data also would provide insights into the risks ahead.

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Alchemist is one of the leading CRM solutions providers in UAE that manage your marketing activities and sales with driving solutions. With more than 300 projects executed, Alchemist is at the forefront of the IT solutions industry providing cutting edge solutions. For those who are looking for a trusted CRM solutions provider in UAE, Alchemist is one of the most recommended options. 

Started by ex-Googlers in the Netherlands, Novicom Marketing Group opened their UAE office in 2012-2013 and established its presence across the country through comprehensive digital marketing activities. Novicom became the market leader in digital marketing for the event/entertainment industry, providing incredible online marketing services including social media marketing, digital marketing campaigns, content creation, lead generation campaigns, data analytics, and more. Being one of the top social media marketing agencies in UAE, Novicom offers outstanding marketing services to help clients establish their presence on various social handles including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other major channels as per the industry requirements. 

Velosi Asset Integrity Limited is a leading, pioneering, global Asset Integrity, Engineering, HSE, and Software solutions provider based in Abu Dhabi, UAE having associated offices in Middle-East, Africa, and Asia. Established in 2009, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, Velosi has more than 37+ years of experience helping clients by providing a one-stop center for complete Asset Integrity Management, HSE, and Engineering Services to leading oil and gas companies worldwide. By cutting through barriers, the company has been to successfully provide companies with the highest levels of commitment and personalized services.

Raya Customer Experience is one of the highly reputed Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) and Contact Centre Outsourcing (CCO) companies in the UAE, providing seamless digital services, customer experience management, seat rental solutions, and back-office services. Being a leading BPO service provider, Raya provides effective platforms for global enterprises to interact with their customers in a dynamic atmosphere. Having qualified professionals, Raya renders end-to-end custom solutions to clients as per their demands. 

Established in 2000, The TeleServices Company is a business consulting and outsourcing company in Dubai. The outsourcing services of TSC include back-office and call centre solutions. Run by a team of expert call centre and outsourcing professionals, it offers a range of business process outsourcing services to companies that seek operational excellence along with long term sustainability and growth. Apart from outsourcing services, they provide call centre training services as well. 

DTS Solution is a leading, innovative, and rapidly emerging cyber security and IT solutions provider based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. With over a decade of experience in the industry, DTS Solution is a well-renowned organization in the region that has redefined the cyber security services industry. The services offered by the company are broadly categorized into Cyber Strategy, Cyber Secure, Cyber Operations, Cyber Response, and Cyber Resilience.

Alpha Data is a leading system integrator in the Middle East based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Established in 1981, the company has been successfully involved in building ICT infrastructure solutions for thousands of organizations. The company is BS EN ISO 27001:2013 & ISO 9001:2008 management standard certified and is renowned for bringing a number of new technologies first to the local market.

The Centre of Excellence for Applied Research & Training (CERT) is the commercial and training arm of the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT), which is the largest higher education institution in the United Arab Emirates providing pioneering digital transformation & IT solutions to industries worldwide. CERT is a government agency established in 1996 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The specialties of CERT include Training, Professional Development, Capacity Development, Telematics, Vocational Qualifications, Professional Certifications, Innovation Programs, Happiness Programs, New-hire Assessment, VAT Value-Added Tax Training, and much more.

Digital 14 is a prominent, well-renowned cyber security and IT solutions provider based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The company builds on a diverse set of practices created to launch, foster, and spearhead the development of commercial cybersecurity capabilities in the UAE. The range of services provided by the company includes Cybersecurity Strategy, Cybersecurity Design & Modernisation, Cybersecurity Defence & VAPT, Incident Response, and much more.

Tafaseel BPO is UAE's first and rapidly growing Business Process Outsourcing Company based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Established in 2011, the company has been successfully involved in lending its services to clients from all sectors of industries. The specialties of the company include Dedicated Inbound 24/7, Professional IT managed service, Cutting edge technology, and infrastructure, Multilingual Resource, BPO Services, ICT Technology, and contact center.

Edge Group is a prominent and advanced technology group that develops cyber security and disruptive solutions for defense and beyond. Established in 2019, the company has its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Edge Group focuses on autonomous systems, directed energy, cyber-physical systems, advanced propulsion systems, and robotics and materials with artificial intelligence embedded across its products and services.

Diceus is a prominent strategic technology partner for custom software development based in Dubai, UAE. The company has a global presence and was established in the year 2011. The specialties of the company include Re-engineering migration maintenance, Training & Consulting, Insurance, HRMS, EHR, SCMS, WMS, and ERP, and more.

Clariba, a widely acclaimed and well-recognized SAP partner in EMEA, is an independent, expert analytics consultancy based in Dubai, UAE. Established in 2010, the company has its headquarters in Dubai, UAE. The specialties of the company include BI, business intelligence, SAP, Business Objects, consulting, services, solutions, SAP BPC, BW, SAP Business Warehouse, HANA, EIM, Data Warehousing, training, and more.

Nice Software Solutions (NSS) is a prominent and professional services company, focusing on Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions. The company specializes in MicroStrategy, Tableau, and Informatica technologies and is an expert in producing quicker, impactful, and user-friendly analytics within Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence domains. The specialties of the company include MicroStrategy BI Consulting and Training, Informatica Consulting and Training, Tableau BI Consulting and Training, and more.

Edgematics is a prominent and well-reputed Data Monetization Consulting organization based in Dubai, UAE. Established in the year 2010, the company has its headquarters in Dubai, UAE. The specialties of the company include Data Monetization, Data Strategy, Data Governance, Data Architecture, Data Science, Data Program Management, Data Warehousing, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Intelligence (BI), and more.


Frequently Asking Question’s

Cloud applications and social media are two common examples of big data.

Four Vs of big data are volume, variety, velocity, and veracity.

The expenses for big data analytics services will depend on the services chosen. The cost for big data analytics services also varies according to the company chosen.

Big data analytics is useful for businesses, commercial entities and organizations. Analysis of big data would provide info on the customer segment, buyer pattern, what works with the client and what doesn’t. The inputs can be used to plan the business activities.

Big data analytics is the process of extracting, processing, and analysing data from various online sources. Big data analysis would offer insights regarding the patterns, forecasting the market, present trends, correlations etc. Big data analysis will help in strategizing the business methodology, deriving productive marketing campaigns, identifying customer segments and so on.