Biometric Solutions in UAE

Explore the possibilities of biometric technology to streamline attendance, control entry, surveillance and prevent intrusions. Top biometric solutions in UAE are identified and included in this directory. The agencies offering biometric solutions in UAE listed here have been examined for their performance, quality of packages and affordability. Check them out and hire the best one for you.

Top Biometric Solutions UAE

Installation of biometric systems at the office, industrial premises, commercial entities and residential enclaves is the best methodology to control entry and monitor the movement. A competent biometric solutions provider is necessary to preclude possibilities of technical glitches and an error-free operation.

Innovatively designed biometric readers integrated with sophisticated systems would perform without any lacunae. Scalable, robust and advanced biometric solutions would make the system work effectively. Further, it would be possible to modify the components and software with advancements in technology.

The reliable biometric solutions in UAE have been delivering futuristic systems to domestic and international clients for years. We studied the leading biometric solutions firms in UAE and handpicked the top ones. The companies indexed in this directory of digital services in UAE would render you exceptional services throughout.

Directory of Leading Biometric Solutions in UAE

The biometric solutions providers generally offer the following type of systems:

·         Attendance with proper login time

·         Access control preventing unauthorized entry

Furthermore, the biometric solutions should provide possible customization depending on the requirement of the customers. The leading biometric solutions in UAE present system setup based on different technologies. The client can choose the technology based on their needs.

·         RFID Technology – Smart cards embodied with RFID can be issued to authorized individuals and employees. The RFID reader would scan the card and allow entry. RFID incorporated with eSSL technology is proven to be a reliable system.

·         Fingerprint Biometrics – Perhaps the most common type of biometric nowadays. The trustworthy biometric solutions UAE would fit the fingerprint scanner, which would control the entry/ access. You may consider eSSL fingerprint technology provided by the leading biometric solutions in UAE. It uses an exclusively designed algorithm that is fast and foolproof.

·         Face Recognition – The COVID-19 scenario has augmented the growth of face recognition biometric solutions in UAE and around the world. It removes the requirement of “touch” on the scanner. Reducing the possibility of the spread of the pandemic. Opt for the contactless biometric solutions in UAE if you want innovatively designed access control systems.

How to Choose the Best Biometric Solutions in UAE?

The easiest way to pick the best RFID solutions in UAE is to browse this directory of digital services in UAE. Our specialists have researched and deliberated about each of the leading biometric solutions in the country for determining the best ones. Therefore, the biometric solution companies included in this list can be chosen sans doubts.

·         Credibility – The credibility of the biometric solutions in UAE is of paramount importance. They must be committed enough to install the systems properly and deliver after-sales support including timely up-gradations.

·         Affordability – Affordable systems would help reduce the burden on the budget. Firms offering biometric solutions at competitive rates are indexed here.

·         Support – After-sales support and real-time response is necessary for keeping the systems functioning. Any technical errors or failures can hamper the daily attendance or may lead to the entry of unauthorized personnel into the territory.

The biometric solutions in UAE that are indexed here offer trusted services. You may reach out to us for further clarifications on the biometric solution firms in UAE.

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Al Tarmez Digit System Technology LLC (DSTME) is a leading, ISO-certified CRM software company based in Sharjah, UAE lending its services to clients across the UAE and the Middle East. Established in 2006, headquartered in Sharjah, having offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Al Tarmez has become a major contender in the industry. The specialties of the company involve Business Solutions & Consulting, Telecom Solutions, Auto ID Solutions, IVR Solutions, Integration and Implementation Services, Barcode Solutions, Application-specific mobile computing, and much more.

Idemia is a world-class, multinational cyber security and IT solutions provider based in France having offices and R&D centers around the world. The company provides identity-related security services, and sells facial recognition and other biometric identification products and software to private companies and governments. The key products of the company include Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems, Facial Recognition system, Iris recognition, Finger vein recognition, Biometric Terminals, E- Gates, ID Cards, E-Passports, and much more.

Chipin is a world-class IT support ans solutions company based in Sharjah, UAE. The company was established in the year 2009 and has over a decade of expertise in simplifying IT for SMEs all across UAE and Middle East. The specialties of the company include IT infrastructure, Creative Design, Business consultancy, IT Solutions & Business Applications, System Integrators, Cloud Setups, and much more.

Heyce Technologies is a prominent diversified security and automation devices manufacturing company based in Dubai, UAE. The company was established in the year 1996 and has been at the forefront of bringing the best technologies and services to the industry. The specialties of the company include Face Recognition System, Access Control Solutions, Time & Attendance Management System of Employees, and more.

Biotime Biometrics is a leading international company based in UAE specialized in providing Biometric Technology for more than 10 years. The company was established in the year 2006. The specalities of the company include Biométrie, Contrôle d'accès, Pointeuse horaire biométrique, biometrics, time and attendance, access control, and security.

SecurAX Technologies FZCO is a leading and prominent Cloud-based biometric attendance and access control solutions provider based in Dubai, UAE. Established in the year 2001, the company has been at the forefront of bringing the best technology and services in the industry. The specialties of the company include Cloud-based biometric solutions, Time attendance and access control solutions, Employee tracking and productivity management, and more.

Al Yamin Computers is a well reputed IT Solutions company based in Sharjah, UAE. The company offers IT Integrated Services with a motto of looking at long-term mutual growth ensuring trust and relationship with its Clients, Business Partners, and Associates. The range of services provided by the company is streamlined into CCTV, Security Systems, Telecom Solutions, IT Solutions, and Software Solutions.

ZKTeco is a leading global developer of innovative advanced facial, fingerprint, and RFID reader solutions used in access control and time & attendance applications. Established in 1985, the company has its headquarters in Dubai, UAE. The specialties of the company include Time Attendance, Video Surveillance, Access Control, Smart Lock, Parking System, Security Solutions, Touchless Biometrics, and Biometrics.

Ambab is India’s leading Consumer Internet and Mobility Technology Company with a strong presence in the Middle East and India. Ambab has a decade more than experience to its credit. The specialties of the company include Web development, eCommerce Solutions, Cloud Infrastructure, Magento Specialists, Big Data Implementations, Mobile Implementations, IoT, AI, Machine Learning, AWS, and more.

Business Automation & Security System LLC (BASS) is a well-reputed and widely acclaimed Security and Investigations Company based in UAE established in the year 2002. The company has a prominent presence in the MENA and has been a leader in providing the best digital solutions to its clients. The specialties of the company include Security Systems, Design Support, CCTV Security, Access Control Systems, Intrusion Systems, Video Surveillance Systems, and more.

Al Marjan Communications Systems LLC is a prominent and leading IT Infrastructure company with a strong presence in the Middle East sector. Al Marjan Communications has a decade more than experience to its credit. The specialties of the company include Broadband Internet, Cloud Service, Digital Service, ICT Devices, Mobile Cashier, Manage Service, Wide Area Network, Corporate Postpaid Plans, ISDN PRI, E-hospitality, and more.


Frequently Asking Question’s

The cost for the installation of biometric solutions in UAE would depend on the technology chosen and the company’s packages. Pick the affordable biometric solutions that suit the budget.

Yes. Biometric technology has been proven to be safe.

Biometrics can be used for various purposes including identification, surveillance, and control of movement. The main functions of biometric solutions are time attendance and access control.

Biometrics is the technology that examines the unique characteristics of a person to identify him or her. Biometrics solutions use fingerprint, face, eyes, palm, finger vein patterns or voice for identifying the individual.

Both fingerprint and face recognition technologies are proven effective. In the present pandemic scenario, face recognition biometric solutions may be more viable than fingerprints. As it is a contactless biometric system.