ELV & AV Solutions in Dubai

Biotime Biometrics

Biotime Biometrics is a leading international company based in UAE specialized in providing Biometric Technology for more than 10 years. The company was established in the year 2006. The specalities of the company include Biométrie, Contrôle d'accès, Pointeuse horaire biométrique, biometrics, time and attendance, access control, and security.

ZKTeco is a leading global developer of innovative advanced facial, fingerprint, and RFID reader solutions used in access control and time & attendance applications. Established in 1985, the company has its headquarters in Dubai, UAE. The specialties of the company include Time Attendance, Video Surveillance, Access Control, Smart Lock, Parking System, Security Solutions, Touchless Biometrics, and Biometrics.

Yealink is a globally renowned IT Solutions and Services company in the Middle East and worldwide. Yealink has a prominent presence in the MENA and has received widespread accolades in delivering the best digital solutions to its clients across all industries. The specialties of the company include Video Conferencing Solutions, VoIP communication terminals, Skype for Business endpoints, SIP phones, Desktop IP phones, DECT phones, Conference Phone, Video Phones, Microsoft Teams Devices, Business, and more.

Webstream Communications

Webstream Communications is a well-reputed and leading Broadcast Media Production and Distribution company in the Middle East. Webstream Communications has over 10 years of experience in the industry. The specialties of the company include Webcasting - Live & OnDemand (Webinars), Video Conferencing Onsite, Voting Pad Events, DVD Authoring, Transcription & Booklet, and more.


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