Freight Forwarding Software Agencies in UAE

Explore the possibilities of advanced freight forwarding software to implement the seamless movement of goods anywhere in the world. Connecting the client with the transportation firms, the freight forwarding software would be instrumental in the import and export of goods in the predetermined schedule.

Choosing the Best Freight Forwarding Software Agency in UAE

UAE has become the most prominent business hub in the world. Crucial location of import and export, the emirates have been the intermediate port as well. If you are one of those looking for effortless yet efficient freight forwarding, you should consider using a freight forwarding software solution. Pick the best freight forwarding software agency in UAE to design and develop software with the key elements you want to be included.

Selecting the ideal freight forwarding software agency in UAE may be an uphill task, with so many of them around. A majority of the freight forwarding software development companies have been in the field for years. They have been successful in designing exclusive software for their clients.

Understanding the dilemma of clients looking for freight forwarding software agencies in UAE, we have prepared an index of the top companies from the field. This directory of digital services in UAE would be your guide in hiring the right freight forwarding software agency.

Directory of Reliable Freight Forwarding Software Agencies in UAE

We have been analysing the freight forwarding software agencies in UAE for a long while before concluding the final list in the directory. Our team could identify the most reliable freight forwarding companies in UAE and index them in descending order in this directory of digital services.

The freight forwarding software agencies here:

·         Offer seamless freight forwarding across destinations without any hitches or impediments

·         Aid in scheduling for import and export activities, connecting the dependable freight forwarders

·         Design custom-tailored, robust and scalable software solutions based on the requirements from the client

·         Develop the freight forwarding software in the scheduled time and integrate it with the existing hardware

·         Support the clients with a real-time resolution to issues encountered

·         Deliver maintenance and post-sales support

Directory of Digital Services with Handpicked Freight Forwarding Software Solutions

Use this directory of digital services to browse through the leading freight forwarding software agencies in UAE. The firms included in this directory have been examined meticulously for their performance, quality and calibre. Therefore, you are ought to receive unparalleled support and service from them.

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Focus Softnet, one of the most reliable ERP software companies in the UAE is a leading service provider that successfully deploys integrated ERP systems across all industries. With over 27 years of expertise in the ERP domain, Focus Softnet resolves complex processes, improving efficiency and introducing automation. If you are looking for an authorized ERP solutions provider in UAE, Focus Softnet is a choice you can trust. 

Innovation and excellence is the benchmark of Fresa Technologies. Established in 2012, Fresa Technologies is a fast-growing software company providing IT and IT-enabled services, specializing in Freight Forwarding software solutions. With a global base of customers and offices across the major parts of the world, Fresa Technologies is the best in the industry

Cloud Wadi, a renowned freight forwarding solutions provider in Dubai, is popular in the industry for the cloud-based logistic software and solutions that ease the shipping and logistics operations. Cutting-edge technologies and experienced resources are the core strengths of Cloud Wadi that make them special from other freight forwarding companies. If you are looking for a top-notch solution to automate your freight forwarding business, Cloud Wadi is one of the best options. 

Stellosys is a leading logistics and freight forwarding software company, which offers state-of-the-art solutions for the freight forwarding industry worldwide. Born with the vision to bridge the gap between the customer requirements and their expectations for the best freight forwarding solutions, Stellosys offer cutting-edge logistics software in the industry. Connect with Stellosys for smart freight forwarding solutions for air, land, and ocean shipping. 

Amaze Technologies Network Services LLC is well known and reputed company in UAE providing freight forwarding software and other IT solutions. The company has its headquarters in Abu Dhabi, UAE and over the years has become the most preferred choice for IT solutions in UAE and the Middle East. Propel Suite product of the company has features that include Freight forwarding, Mobile Application, Payroll module, Construction module, and much more.

HCL Technologies is a next-generation, wold- class global technology company that helps enterprises re-imagine their businesses for the digital age. The company has its headquarters in Noida, India and has a global presence with and offices and clients worldwide. The specialties of the company include Manufacturing, Aerospace & Defense, Financial Services, Telecom, Retail & CPG, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Travel, Transportation & Logistics, and much more.

Kabal is the world’s leading software producer for the management of operational logistics with a global presence of offices and clients. The company has its headquarters in Stavanger, Rogaland, and was established in the year 2011. The specialties of the company include Cloud-based software, Offshore Logistics, Marine, Cargo, Personnel planning, Stock, KPI Management, Logistics Management, Warehouse, SaaS, and much more.

Smart Software Systems & Solutions is a leading provider for complete freight forwarding software and IT solutions & services for a dynamic enterprise environment. The company was established as a Software Development and Networking Solutions company in Abu Dhabi, UAE in the year 2015. The specialties of the company include application development, technology consulting, business intelligence, e-learning solutions, e-learning solutions, annual maintenance contract, hardware, and infrastructure division, service-desk outsourcing, and technical training.

Business DNA is a leading, unique and innovative freight forwarding software and IT solutions provider established in 2013 as a subsidiary of NCC Group. The company is built on international standards with the belief that the market is in dire need of a fresh, creative, up-to-date approach to the growing challenges that companies are facing daily. The specialties of the company include Total IT Solution, Retail Software Solution, ERP Solution, POS, Hospitality, HRMS, HCM, Loyalty Management, and network and security.

Softec Technologies is a pioneering, leading global company offering freight forwarding software and other IT software & solutions to clients worldwide. The company has its headquarters in Cairo, Egypt, and was established in the year 2007. The specialties of the company include Fleet Management & GPS Tracking, Cloud-Based Solutions, Vehicle Routing, AI for Logistics, Route Planning, Route Optimization Software, and Delivery Management Software.

SamTech is a leading, well-reputed global company based in UAE offering freight forwarding software and other IT software & solutions to clients worldwide. The company has its headquarters in Dubai, UAE, and was established in the year 2003. The specialties of the company include Software Development, System Integration, ICT Solutions, Fleet Management Systems, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), Transportation Systems, Vehicle Management Systems (VMS), CCTV surveillance, and much more.

Verofax is a world leader with a global presence offering freight forwarding software and other IT software & solutions. The company has its headquarters in London, England, and was established in the year 2018. Powered by Ant Group and its blockchain solution AntChain, Verofax is fully integrated in the Alibaba ecosystem and provides access to wide SME banking and financing network.

Jini Systems is a leading IT solutions provider based in Sharjah, UAE. The company has more than a decade of experience in providing the best quality digital solutions to various industries and businesses across the Middle East and India. The specialties of the company include System Study & Analysis, iPack Cloud, Business Intelligence Tools, Mobile Application Development, and much more.

LogistaaS, a renowned freight forwarding solutions provider in UAE, offers seamless logistics and freight software solutions. Empowering freight forwarders through technology, LogistaaS helps them become digital forwarders who can provide impeccable freight forwarding services. Having a global network of local partners in numerous countries, LogistaaS freight forwarding solutions are widely acclaimed in the freight forwarding industry. 


EPG has been one of the biggest names in the Dubai logistics industry since 2006. Providing excellent quality and cost-effective supply chain solutions, EPG supports the logistics industry with the latest technology solutions that are effective for the smooth operation of shipment, CRM management, finance, reporting, and more. Read more to know EPG, their solutions, expertise, and services. 


Frequently Asking Question’s

Freight forwarding software is a cost-effective solution. It enhances productivity and boosts growth. Considering the benefits offered by freight forwarding software, it is undoubtedly the most budget-friendly solution.

A freight forwarding software should have all the elements that make the forecasting, management, scheduling and execution of freight forwarding easy and seamless. The freight forwarding software company should provide software that is easy to start, easy to integrate, and easy to operate. It should enable the company in performing excellently.

The constant support from the freight forwarding software agency in UAE would be vital for the efficient functioning of the software. It is a known fact that the digital world is changing rapidly. The freight forwarding software also would need upgrades and modifications to suit the rapid development in the digital sphere. Only a trustworthy freight forwarding software agency can deliver innovative and scalable software. Besides facilitating constant maintenance and support solutions.

The cloud-based freight forwarding software will allow the management of activities during moves as well. Everything related to freight forwarding like freight forwarding management, costs analysis, cargo shipment quotations, invoicing, etc can be managed from any device including a smartphone.

A freight forwarding software is an integrated freight forwarding management solution that facilitates the control and management of freight across the world. The complex activities of freight forwarding including billing, accounting, transportation, warehousing and CRM can be handled efficiently with brilliantly designed freight forwarding software.