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Al Saqr Al Thahabi Computer has made a mark in the industry as well-reputed security systems and IT solutions provider in UAE. The company is well renowned for its dedicated client base and professional team of industry experts working at AL Saqr. The company has its headquarters in Sharjah, UAE.

The technical expertise the company possesses has allowed it to continue to enjoy a reputation in the industry for having professional integrity; quality service and support. Al ASaqr’s extensive list of customers includes small start-up companies, Government & Health Departments, corporate clients, etc. The company has been successfully able to provide its customers with affordable and practical security systems and other IT solutions.

The company strives towards providing its customers with cost-effective IT and security solutions that not only make sense technically but also financially. Many security services companies only focus on one thing - that is achieving their numbers without questioning the quality of service. Al Saqr’s quality team of professionals does not sacrifice quality service for volume. The company works diligently in providing its customers with a high level of Networking, Digital Marketing, Web Development, POS & Door Access, and other services to improve any small business or home office environment.

Al Saqr aims at exceeding its customers’ expectations by offering superior customer support through intelligent, user-friendly technology with the help of cutting-edge IT and management solutions.

The ethics of the company dictates it to be bound by the client requirements to provide quality services for which Al Saqr has a committed team of expert engineers. The company has established itself to be a one-point contact for all its client’s IT and security system needs. One of the main focuses of Al Saqr is its On-Site services, providing great customer service and support at their place of convenience. The company has its services available in Sharjah, Dubai, and other parts of the UAE. Al Saqr is the best leading provider of Time Attendance Machine in the UAE.

The whole range of services provided by the company includes Networking, Digital Marketing, Web Development, POS & Door Access, IT & IPBX Services, Solar System Installation, Networking, and Attendance machines.






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