Website Maintenance

Professional web design, development, hosting and maintenance firms can help you maintain your website healthy and functioning. We are listing out the best web maintenance services in UAE. This directory of digital services consists of the top website maintenance agencies in UAE and all the other digital services. Pick the firm from this directory confidently and ensure a consistently functioning website.

The Best Website Maintenance Firms in UAE

Digital professionals with in-depth knowledge are pivotal for keeping the website functioning without technical glitches. At times, a rush of website visitors, external threats or similar issues can lead to the crashing of the website. Hire the top website maintenance services in UAE for avoiding such predicaments. That would even impact your company’s performance.   

Go with the best web maintenance agency in Dubai, UAE and continue focussing on your business or service. The team at the agency would monitor, manage and maintain the website. Furthermore, they would incorporate timely modifications and technical advancements for better functionality.

You definitely need a reliable website maintenance team in UAE in this volatile digital scenario.

Directory of Digital Services in UAE Comprising Selected Website Maintenance Firms

 Are you tired of looking for a trustworthy website maintenance agency in UAE? We can help you with a list of credible web maintenance services, which have been performing persistently. Our team has taken relentless efforts to identify the best web maintenance firms in UAE.

The website maintenance services included in our directory have been checked for the following:

  • Reliability – The web maintenance agencies in this directory have proven their worth by delivering promised services diligently. The keen professionals at the firm have been instrumental in the streamlined functionality of the website and trouble-free performance.
  • Response – Websites would be functioning 24x7. Real-time response is vital for avoiding any kind of technical quandaries. You cannot say the agency is the best one unless the website maintenance services offer around the clock monitoring, maintenance and management service.
  • Package – Exorbitant packages don’t state the quality of service. We believe that every client is eligible for competitively priced packages and the best service support. The website maintenance services in UAE have been analysed with this factor on focus.
  • Support – Comprehensive service support is the speciality of the website maintenance firms included in this directory. Each of the leading agencies in UAE has been examined thoroughly to prepare this list.
  •  Get guaranteed website maintenance services in UAE, from the agencies listed in this digital directory.

    Directory of the Best Website Maintenance Agencies in UAE?

    We do care for our clients. That’s why we have taken months to prepare this list of the best website maintenance firms in Dubai, UAE. Each agency in this directory has been studied exhaustively to confirm its capabilities, services and commitment.

    Check out this digital directory to hire the right web maintenance services for you.

    For any additional support, guidance or queries, do reach out to us right away.

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    Browser is a full-service digital solutions provider in UAE, helping a handful of clients establish their social presence through cutting-edge social media marketing strategies at reasonable rates. From Social Media Management to Website design and Development, Facebook Marketin, LinkedIn Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Website Hosting, and Website Maintenance, they handle everything digital. Browser has an in-house team passionate about digitally transforming businesses giving a new brand look and feel through their innovative web solutions. They have been in the UAE digital marketing industry for several years, providing outstanding solutions to customers who want to expand their business on all social platforms and across the internet. If you are looking for a reliable social media marketing agency in Dubai or UAE, Browser is one of the best options you can count on. 

    Gligx is a well-known web design company in Dubai, which also serves you with various other digital solutions including digital marketing services, custom software development, mobile app development and web development for clients across the Emirates. Having a team of vibrant IT professionals and digital marketers, the ‘G’ team offers brilliant solutions that match your needs and business. Know more about Gligx and connect with them to boost your business digitally. 

    ITFAQ is a widely acclaimed and trusted software development company in Dubai, offering high-quality software development services across the Emirates. ITFAQ has completed a multitude of successful projects for various industries. Well-renowned for the use of the latest technologies and advanced strategies, ITFAQ has secured a huge number of happy clients in the industry. Know more about ITFAQ, their expertise, services, technologies, and other strengths.

    TruTech Information Technologies LLC is a leading, ISO certified, well-reputed IT Solutions provider based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, having a wide client base all across the UAE and the Middle East. Established in 2018, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, TruTech has emerged as a one-stop-shop destination for all IT Services & Solutions.

    Agora Technologies is a well-recognized, certified, and registered IT service provider and digital agency based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The primary services of the company are computers, laptops, servers, small/medium size business network setup as well as sales & services in Abu Dhabi. The services offered by the company include Virtualization, Router & Access Point, Computer & Laptop Service, Cloud Backup Solutions, Server & Storage Management, Networking & Data Center Infrastructure, and much more.

    Chipin is a world-class IT support ans solutions company based in Sharjah, UAE. The company was established in the year 2009 and has over a decade of expertise in simplifying IT for SMEs all across UAE and Middle East. The specialties of the company include IT infrastructure, Creative Design, Business consultancy, IT Solutions & Business Applications, System Integrators, Cloud Setups, and much more.

    IT Fort is a leading IT Services & Solutions company based in UAE serving clients all across UAE. The company has an exceptional track record in the delivery of successful IT solutions all across the UAE. The specialties of the company include CCTV & Telephony, Computer Networking, Hosting & Email Solutions, Home Automation System, and more.

    Alpha Candy is a well-reputed and leading IT Solutions company in the Middle East. The company has a proven track of delivering the best digital solutions to its clients globally. The specialties of the company include WordPress CMS, Google Adwords, Website Hosting, Website Maintenance, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, and more.

    UAE Website Development is a prominent and well-reputed IT Solutions company in the Middle East serving clients worldwide. UAE Website Development has a prominent presence in the MENA and has received widespread accolades in delivering the best digital solutions to its clients. The specialties of the company include Web Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Creative, and more.

    iMobdev Technologies is a well-reputed and leading IT Solutions company in the Middle East. The company has a proven track of delivering the best digital solutions to its clients globally. The specialties of the company include WordPress CMS, Google Adwords, Website Hosting, Website Maintenance, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, and more.

    Data Vox is a prominent and well-reputed IT & Telecom Service provider based in UAE established in the year 2008. The company has a prominent presence in the MENA and has been a leader in providing the best digital solutions to its clients. The specialties of the company include Telephone Systems, IT Support. Network Infrastructure, Network Security, and more.


    Frequently Asking Question’s

    The services required should be discussed with the website maintenance agency in detail. The website up-gradation services should be included in the agreement to avoid ambiguities in future. Nonetheless, the website maintenance agencies in UAE provide website up-gradation also.

    Evaluate the website maintenance agency’s past performance, overall track record, the services offered, online reviews, ratings by the existing client etc to reach an informed decision. Alternatively, check out a reliable directory of digital services in UAE to choose the right one.

    Although it would depend on the agency, normally the website maintenance firms offer web hosting services as well. The clients can choose the services required and ask for a customized package accordingly.

    Almost all of the website maintenance agencies in the UAE offer comprehensive services including web designing, web development, web hosting and web maintenance. The packages for the services would differ depending on the company.  

    You can find the list of best website maintenance agencies above. Contact 2 or 3 agencies from the above list and ask for quotations. Make sure you do a background check before you finalise an agency

    In order to ensure the safety of your data, you should include a non-disclosure agreement in your website maintenance contract.

    Typical website maintenance AMC cost for a WordPress based website in Dubai is AED 4000 per year.

    The cost depends on your website and how sensitive and dynamic are your content. If you have an e-commerce website with dynamically changing content, you will need backups on daily basis or even multiple times in a day. Typical website maintenance AMC cost in Dubai is AED 5000 per year.

    Yes, it is possible. If you have a CMS based website, most content-related functions can be done in-house. However, when it comes to technical functions like server maintenance, hosting management, back/recovery etc, you will need some technical team to handle those. If you don't have such a team, it is better to outsource it.

    Yes, they are the basic functions of any website maintenance contract. If it is not mentioned in your AMC, you should ask the agency to include backup and maintenance.

    For most companies, the maintenance contract includes a specific number of hours each month. Most agencies will not allow carrying forward them to the next month. In some other cases, companies will allocate you a specific number of hours every year and this can be utilities during any time of the year without any monthly cap.

    Usually, the website maintenance AMC contracts in Dubai are made for a year with the option to renew every year. The contract will have a limit on the number of hours the agency would work for you. If the hours worked exceeds the limit, you may have to pay higher amount or upgrade to a higher plan.

    That depends on how your contract is made. You can have a single AMC contract that covers maintenance of several websites owned by your company. If your AMC covers multiple websites, it is recommended to specify what services are covered for each website. Some websites may require more active maintenance and generally static websites require less involvement.

    Most website maintenance AMC contracts cover technology updates, platform version updates, security patches, disaster recovery, periodic backups, text and image content updates and small enhancements to the websites. Feature development and other functionality enhancements are usually covered under the AMC but they are often charged extra on case to case basis.

    All websites will need periodic maintenance to keep them up to date in terms of technology and security updates. Also, any information on the website could go out of date and needs to be updated regularly. In addition, in order to take advantage of evolving SEO opportunities, many enhancements are required on the website. Considering all these factors, it is strongly recommended to have an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for all websites.