Atribs Metscon Group

Atribs Metscon Group is a leading IT Services & Solutions company based in UAE serving clients worldwide. The company is a major contender in the MENA region with an exceptional track record of providing the best quality IT solutions to its vast client base. The specialties of the company include IT Software Solutions, Project Management Services, and Consultancy Services.

Atribs Metscon Group is a well-reputed IT Services & Solutions company in UAE and the Middle East, established in the year 2004. Atribs Metscon Group came into existence with its exciting ideas and determined vision in 2004. The Group is in the magnificent land of Dubai and is the brainchild of Marketing, Banking, Information-Technology, and Industrial experts. Thus, it is based on Information-Technology ideologies and ensures solutions with ease and grace.

The Group introduced itself as a one-stop solution for all Professional Service Provisions providing IT Software Solutions, Project Management Services, and Consultancy Services to enterprises seeking to transform. The group has responded to the rising demand for technology-based business solutions by developing and deploying dynamic tools and systems that transform businesses and render them future-ready.

The company enjoys strategic business partnerships with best-of-breed entities. It provides consulting and staffing services within a global clientele. It also brings about tested resources for all kinds of needs of companies and their management. Trained technical resources and adequate expertise is put into functioning, to assure that no stone is left unturned for any project. The Group is also fluent in the technological advances of the modern world. It paces up with its ideas to build wholesome service provisions including mobile applications and expert tech solutions. The Group builds a seamless interface for the same, for its clientele to experience smooth benefits from. The Group has demonstrated its proven efficiency in sourcing high-quality manpower. Rapid advances in the field of Information Technology have made it imperative for businesses to stay abreast of technological innovation. The highest priority of the group is to ensure the quality and reliability of the resources it deploys to man the engines of the enterprise.

The Group has various companies under its umbrella, catering to the services that it provides to its clients on various requirements. An ethical culture of clarity is followed in Artibs Metscon Group. Responsibilities are clarified and are perfectly divided into tiers. Each tier is laced with expertise and efficiency. The teammates in each tier are principled to strive for uncompromising quality and impeccable delivery of the objective. The Group's firm adherence is to be serving.

The services offered by the company are streamlined into IT Software Solutions, Project Management Services, and Consultancy Services.

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