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Aujas Cybersecurity is a leading enterprise security service provider for organizations across North America, Asia Pacific, and EMEA regions. Established in 2008, over the years Aujas has gained deep expertise and capabilities in Identity and Access Management, Risk Advisory, Security Verification, Security Engineering & Managed Detection and Response services. By leveraging innovative products and services, Aujas helps businesses build and transform security postures to mitigate risks. The service focus is to strengthen security resilience by minimizing the occurrence of sophisticated attacks and threats while offering 360-degree visibility and protection across enterprise infrastructure.

The company is involved in building and transformation cyber security postures to enable business and mitigate risks. Ajuas’s focus is to strengthen security resilience by minimizing the occurrence of attacks, threats, and risks so that change is driven, innovation is created, and growth is accelerated. Instated in 2008 with backing from IDG Ventures, lvCap Ventures, and Rajasthan Venture Capital Fund, Aujas Cybersecurity is now part of the NSE Group and a subsidiary of NSEIT. The National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) is one of the world's largest stock exchanges.

The specialties of the company include Risk Advisory, Threat Management, Identity & Access Management, Digital Security, information security, endpoint security, managed security, Security Analytics, Managed Detection & Response, Cloud Security, Robotics Driven IAM, Cybersecurity, Microsoft Defender ATP, SOAR, SIEM, Penetration Testing, Red Teaming, Code Signing, Threat Intelligence, Threat Management, Third-Party Risk Management, UEBA, and GRC Technology Automation.

The whole range of services offered by the company is streamlined into Identity and Acess Management, Risk Advisory, Security Verification, Security Engineering, Managed Detection & Response, and Cloud security. The products offered by the company are PALM, Saksham, Code Design, and Aadhar Registered Device Manager.

Aujas’ Platform for Access Lifecycle Management (PALM) is a home-grown product built to provide a refreshingly simple and automated way of integrating apps with IAM products.

It encapsulates the vision of automating everything that can be automated – be it requirement collection, analysis, processing of role and access data, and writing code and configuration to integrate the applications with popular IAM products like CA IDM, RSA, SailPoint.






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