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Biotime Biometrics is a widely acclaimed and well-reputed Biometric Technology company based in UAE. Biotime is specialized in access control and time attendance. The company provides high-quality biometric readers from world leader IDEMIA (ex. Safran Morpho).

Biotime Biometrics is a subsidiary of Biotime Technology France, IDEMIA’s main distributor. The company offers its partners a large range of biometric solutions based on fingerprint, vein, face, or iris recognition to enhance security at work and company effectiveness. Some of the products of the company are contactless and enable hygienic use (VisionPass, Morphowave) and a good user experience.

The company is also keen on providing FBI-certified USB or OEM MorphoSmart fingerprint sensors (MSO 1350, MSO 1300, MSO CBM) for logical access control (emirates ID cards …). Most of all, Biotime is keen on providing full technical support as an added value to all its customers and partners, all over the world. Software integration, devices installation, and configuration, use of IDEMIA’s SDK, the company’s team is 100% dedicated to supporting IDEMIA’s products. Biotime Biometrics offers fingerprint, facial, iris readers for access control and time attendance to improve the security of your premises and enhance user experience. 

All Idemia’s biometrics are high technology products embedded with the latest biometric algorithms to ensure the comfort of use and high security. All of Biotime’s products use fingerprint, facial, or iris recognition technology that guarantees a high level of security. The company’s readers are multi-factor devices (bio, card, and PIN) so they can meet many expectations and fit different types of environments and use cases. They are compatible with all computer systems (PC, MAC) and a lot of devices (smartphone, tablet, workstation..).

Biotime provides its clients with basic biometric readers as well as the most advanced solutions with more functionalities. For example, its Sigma Extreme is made for harsh operating conditions. The company’s Morphowave Compact is contactless and recognizes four fingerprints in less than 1 second, «on the fly». 

Idemia’s innovative biometric terminals guarantee authorized people quick and easy access to secure areas. Used alone or in combination with contactless cards, standalone or connected to an IP network, indoor or outdoor, our access control solutions are designed to be modular.

The specialites of the company include Biométrie, Contrôle d'accès, Pointeuse horaire biométrique, biometrics, time and attendance, access control, and security.




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