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Block Gemini is a leading Software Developer based in Dubai, UAE. The mission of the company is to innovate to raise the standards while helping enterprises overcome operational and business challenges. Through the power of blockchain, the company foresees a future where organizations embody the empowerment of integrity, trust, and security. The mission of the company is to build a seamless customer experience and drive mainstream adoption of blockchain technology in multiple industry sectors.

The company has successfully delivered enterprise grade-solutions for supply chain and logistics, RegTech, FinTech, and more. By leveraging a wide range of expertise, the company has formulated strategies that have proven to elevate organizations to new heights. Customer satisfaction is the number one priority of the company. Block Gemini is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, listening to customer requests, and being reachable at all times. At Block Gemini, the company strives to uphold the values and principles laid out in every way or form. The company’s expert team is observational and intellectually honest. The company seeks to consistently build trust in every interaction by conducting ourselves professionally and honestly—one conversation, one action, one follow-through at a time.

Block Gemini has emerged as a full-service software development and consultancy company headquartered in Dubai, UAE. The company is involved in the creation of custom native desktop applications, as well as standalone or backend-enabled software to meet its product’s niche purpose. The company is involved in deploying its products and services to the world via web applications with easily maintainable updates and monetization models. Block Gemini has been involved in bringing its clients’ ideas to life with an MVP that tackles the clients identified core problem using a scalable infrastructure for future updates. The end-to-end approach of the company allows its clients to deliver SaaS products to its users as fast as possible while ensuring the stability and reliability of its service.

The specialties of the company include Blockchain Technology, Hyperledger, Blockchain Application Development, Blockchain Services, Blockchain Solutions, Web Development, Application Development, Web Design, Web Applications, UX design, UI design, Software Development, Software Outsourcing, and Digital Marketing.




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