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Code Brew Labs is a leading Information and Technology company driven by a passion for the best service and new technology. Code Brew Labs is a firm specializing in technological solutions for businesses - the ones that exist, and the ones that are still in their nascent stages. The company makes technology an invaluable asset for its clients’ business - be it a startup, an SMB, or an enterprise - all of these are included in its expanding repertoire. Code Brew’s work has taken it to explore newer horizons in the technological realm. The company has dabbled in Business Analytics, IoT-based infrastructure, cloud-based computing, and solutions, along with forays into the world of AR and VR.

The company believes in creating a nexus of satisfied & happy clients, vendors, and employees. Code Brew does this by providing exceptional products, a streamlined working experience, and rigorous after-sales support. The company has extended this expertise to many industry verticals, be it Fintech, EduTech, Healthcare, Social Networking, Chat Apps, Mobile Games, Marketplaces, and Food Delivery - to name a few. Code Brew is a team of 200+ members and possesses the best engineering minds with technical expertise, along with a zeal to thrive for the best by taking on new challenges. The growth rate of the company has been phenomenal since its humble beginning in 2013. The work of the company can be explained by its philosophy towards customer service, which is, to keep the user experience at the center of its focus while designing and developing apps. In that vein, the company is a DESIGN FIRST team - its well-crafted UI's and subsequent user experience are validated to the point of 100% client satisfaction and no less. The company takes pride in designing with the best industry standards in mind while innovating. Code Brew does not detach itself after the project completion stage and has a powerful team of marketing specialists and product strategists who plan a course for the future of its clients’ undertaking. Code Brew has worked on more than 300 Apps across different business domains.

The specialties of the company include Mobile App Development, iPhone App Development, Android App development, Mobile Strategy, Minimum Viable Product for Startups, App Monetization and Engagement, Uber-Like app, UI/UX Design, Uber for X, and Pickup and Delivery Apps.




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