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Dalma Electronics LLC, established in 2014 is a well-reputed and renowned distribution and integration telecommunications company based in Sharjah, UAE. Dalma is a leading System Integration & Distribution Company of broadcasting equipment, Information Technology Products & Professional Audio/Video, in the Middle East Market. Since its inception in Sharjah, UAE in 2014, Dalma has established business relationships with Government Sectors & Media Organizations, Production & Rental houses, Studios, Radios Stations, Retailers, and Corporations who exhibit high prestige and presence in the Middle East. The core value of the company is to establish customer satisfaction, build long-term business relationships, and empower and facilitate the productivity of its multi-lingual employees to develop and increase opportunity. The company’s strategic location within the UAE market, with fast access to products and support services from manufacturers and suppliers, enables Dalma to fulfill local & international clients’ needs with excellent customer service and solutions.

The mission of the company is to become the leading system integrator and distribution company of Broadcasting equipment, Pro Audio/Video, IT infrastructure, Data Management, Information Securities & Virtualization. Dalma is the best in the business, always being the first one to introduce the latest technology to its clients and the market.

The vision of the company is focused on the creation of job opportunities by expanding its distribution and integration corporation to several departments and to be a presence in the Middle, Africa, and European market by its experiences, professional team, and proven record of best services that the company had provided to clients.

Industry best technological capabilities, a strong investment in research and development, and a keen study of the industry trends help Dalma to successfully design and deliver projects, products and implement end-to-end solutions to customers in a variety of industries. Having delivered successful projects all across the Middle East and worldwide, the mission of Dalma is committed to creating business opportunities from the medium of the internet for the prosperity and benefits of its clients.

The specialties of the company include Broadcasting and media solution, IT Solution, Mobile Accessories, Gadgets, Media Equipment, Professional Camera, Professional Audio, integration, system, ICT, Engineering, and cabling.






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