Dark Matter is a widely acclaimed cyber security company headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It is staffed by a team of tier one cyber security specialists with global experience, dedicated to providing secure, trusted, and integrated cyber protection services to government agencies and businesses alike. The company offers a complete portfolio of cyber security solutions with all its work being underpinned by industry-leading intelligence, research, and development (R&D).

Dark Matter is a leading cyber security company is based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The company was established in 2015 and is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The Dark Matter has successfully enabled businesses and governments to become smart, safe, and cyber resilient. As an end-to-end provider of smart and safe digital transformation, the company is uniquely positioned to provide organizations with the strategy, technology, and operating model to achieve business continuity amidst adverse and constantly evolving cyber threats.

The company’s strength lies in the diversity of its practices, which works together to enable cyber, digital, and knowledge transformation. The Dark Matter weaves cyber resilience seamlessly into the very fabric of an organization through its four practices: - Dark Matter is the Cyber Security and Secure Communications practice which focuses on security, safety, and resilience for businesses, DigitalX1 is the Digital Transformation and Applied Technologies practice which helps businesses and governments harness advanced technologies in pursuit of operational excellence, DigitalE1 is the Education practice which seeks to advance knowledge transformation by embedding digital talent in the company’s services, Government Solutions is the practice dedicated to helping governments strengthen their defense and security posture through bespoke technologies.

The activities of the company are supported by R&D facilities based in Toronto, Canada, and in the UAE, where they develop their intellectual property while also cooperating with leading technology companies. Dark Matter is not just involved in implementation, but also in innovation and creation of new security solutions to combat tomorrow’s security threats.

Dark Matter's public launch came in 2015, at the 2nd Annual Arab Future Cities Summit.

In 2016, Dark Matter replaced Cyber Point as a contractor for Project Raven. Also in 2016, the company sought smartphone development expertise in Oulu, Finland recruiting several Finnish engineers.

By early 2018, Dark Matter's turnover was hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars. Eighty percent of its work was for the UAE government and related organizations, including the NESA. Dark Matter was an official provider for Expo 2020.

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