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Heyce Technologies is a prominent diversified security and automation devices manufacturing company based in Dubai, UAE. The company was established in the year 1996 and has been at the forefront of bringing the best technologies and services to the industry. The specialties of the company include Face Recognition System, Access Control Solutions, Time & Attendance Management System of Employees, and more.

Heyce Technolgies is a diversified security and automation devices manufacturing company, focused on revolutionizing critical data security mechanisms and automating information recording. As a world leader in automation technology, the company is keen on integrating technologies and design into customer-centric solutions, based on elemental customer insights, incorporating the latest market trends & demands.

Heyce Technologies manufactures industry-leading security solutions by integrating innovative and cost-effective user identification techniques based on Biometric Systems & Solutions. Heyce Technologies’ smart and modern innovations have been deployed and effectively used by every industry verticals ranging from government, semi-government, banks, manufacturing industries, automobiles, police, military, armed forces, airlines, telecommunications, shipping, hospitals, real estate, service providers, hotels, system integrators, to name a few.

Heyce also provides industry-leading User Activity Monitoring & IT Security Software Solutions by partnering with world-leading brands like Veriato360, Bitdefender & Soft Activity Monitoring Solutions to name a few. The company remains committed to environmental sustainability by meeting the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Since the establishment of the Company in the year 1996, the company has anticipated that leading-edge technology will be the prime aspect to achieve success in the world of continually emergent intelligence and information society. Hence the company started with a goal to glean many of the quality solutions in the vast field of Biometric Science, human identification, security, and safety.

Heyce successfully designed and developed innovative fingerprint recognition techniques using OSSF technology & 3D face recognition technology by incorporating AALS & ISLT with V4 algorithm.

Heyce Technologies has thereby instigated the development of various products and solutions which completely automate the process of human identification and automatic data collection. Heyce Technologies now manufactures numerous Fingerprint Authentication devices, 3D Face Recognition Systems & Access Control Card Readers. Today, our unique and sophisticated Fingerprint Sensors, Face Recognition Algorithms, and Fingerprint modules are widely accepted in the global market. The specialties of the company include Face Recognition System, Access Control Solutions, and Time & Attendance Management System of Employees.

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