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Infotiz Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a leading technology and innovation company based in Dubai and India. Established in 1998, Infotiz Solutions has received worldwide acclaim and reputation through its two-decade-long business journey by providing a complete and comprehensive range of Industrial maintenance management, Asset & Material management, Training services, and IT consultancy. Catering to a multitude of industries like Trading, Laboratories, Clinics, Manufacturing, Maintenance, etc, and small, medium and large business organizations, the industry experts and Infotiz are well-equipped in delivering the best solutions most quickly and cost-effectively.

Infotiz Solutions is an optimum sized company in the context of UAE IT Services companies. Such a business setup allows Infotiz to be more flexible and cater to each customer in a more personalized and considerate manner. A strong customer relationship and delivery ownership are the primary focus of Infotiz Solutions. Infotiz believes in being the development partner to its vast client base.

Industry best technological capabilities, a strong investment in research and development, and a keen study of the industry trends help Infotiz to successfully design and deliver projects, products and implement end-to-end solutions to customers in a variety of industries.

Major clients of Infotiz Solutions include Kottakal Ayurvedic center, Universal – UTSL, Amity, Accurate Survey, TC, Technical Furniture Industries, Bella Rosa, Genial – Rent a car, and many more.

The service spectrum of Infotiz covers key services like application development, software consultancy, IT Consultancy, firmware development, embedded systems and testing services.

Major software products of Infotiz are HUMANTIZ, iMAINZER,iZCARE , TRADEIZY, ROTZ, CRTIZPRO, ACCTIZ ERP which have been successfully implemented in various industrial applications. The highlighting features of Infotiz Solutions are easy implementation, fast execution, centralized accounting, best customer support, regular reporting of updates, and best safety and security.

Infotiz has been successful in providing advanced and customized software solutions as per the user’s requirements for more than two decades. The professional expertise of Infotiz has been able to deliver software and IT solutions for the optimal utilization of workflows.

Infotiz offers start to end customer contentment solutions in software development to every organization on-demand with reasonable cost and has emerged as one of the most prominent and proficient software development firms globally.




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