Ingic is a leading and well-reputed full-service digital agency based in UAE. The company comprises the most talented, skilled, and experienced professionals from the industry. The specialties of the company include Website Design & Development, Mobile App Design & Development, Facebook Apps, Search Engine Optimization, and more.

Ingic is a well-recognized IT Services company in the Middle East having considerable years of experience in the field of IT. The company was established in 2012. The company was established with the intent of creating a digital agency to provide a powerful, exciting, and integrated set of solutions. The company is envisioned to help businesses attract, engage and gain prospective customers with the help of its premier, matchless and personalized solutions. Ingic is a leader in the digital realm in UAE, serving its customers in different industries from sports and entertainment to health care and retail.

At Ingic, the company studies all its clients' requirements to offer top-quality and smooth mobile applications which are equipped to evolve with the technological advancements of the present and the future. The company offers customized mobile applications on different scales. Ingic has been successful in harnessing the powers of different technologies and integrating them seamlessly to create the best digital solutions for its clients. The company uses surefire processes and result-driven agile practices to deliver extensive Android app development services. Ingic analyses metrics for bringing valuable insights to the table.

The company assesses everything from user behavior to patterns & profiles. The company’s user-centric design approach helps it to carve minimalistic prototypes that drive user engagement. Ingic is keen on blowing life to the design to make it functional and incorporate different features considering its clients’ app's nature. Ingic’s team of experienced and professional developers are the best in the industry to design smooth and seamless mobile applications according to its client's requirements, which provides its clients a competitive edge. React Native, a software backed by Facebook which was developed to bring ease to JavaScript helps in developing applications that offer a better user experience and are faster to develop and run.

Being a renowned React Native Development Company, INGIC gives all businesses a memorable user experience, faster time to market, and wider market expansion, making it a trusted React Native App Development Company in the process.

The specialties of the company include Website Design & Development, Mobile App Design & Development, Facebook Apps, Search Engine Optimization, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing Strategy, Social Media Management, Email Marketing, and Software Development.

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