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IPIX Technologies is an award-winning and well-recognized IT Services company in the Middle East. Established in the year 2007, the company has its headquarters in Dubai.

IPIX is a group entity of Kreston Menon, the foremost professional advisory firm in Dubai. The company has been functioning under the aegis of this august organization for the past two decades, and its values and work culture reflect that of its parent company. By employing diverse technologies and media, the company invariably delivers perfect work, provokes thought, and inspires lives. The company revels in redrawing the boundaries of digital technology through constant innovations. IPIX team strives to bring people and brands closer in refreshing and exciting ways. The services of the company include peerless technological support, application development, Internet Marketing, Web Development, Ecommerce, exciting and innovative designs, and Mobile applications for businesses worldwide.

The products of the company include IPIX LMS, IPIX PMS, IPIX ERP, IPIX IAM, IPIX GRC, and IPIX Accounting. IPIXERP facilitates effective decision-making and enables customers to meet their business requirements, with a focus on quality, knowledge transfer, and process simplification. IPIXERP is capable of simplifying IT Infrastructure and supports implementation engagements for clients large and small, across a variety of industries.

IPIX Accounting software type of application software which records and processes accounting transactions such as payable accounts, accounts receivable, ledger records, payroll taxes, and trial balance. It functions as an organization's Accounting Information System (AIS). IPIX LMS Learning Management System helps to create engaging courses intuitively and fast and makes learning fun by incorporating gamification, points, and more. The company creates innovative tailor-made-e-learning solutions and has a strong base of technology and research. IPIX GRC software enables an organization to adopt the changes and comply with regulations with our superior GRC software. The GRC app of the company offers a holistic solution for IT vendor risk and performance management, IT incident and threat management, IT risk assessment, and ongoing IT auditing.

The specialties of the company include Website Development, Web Design, Web Application, Mobile Application, Software Development, Ecommerce Development, WordPress Development, Digital Marketing, SEO, Audit Portal, LMS, Accounting Software, and web development.


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