IT Wavelength FZE is a leading IT solutions provider based in Sharjah, UAE. With having more than 10 years of experience in the industry, the company has been able to successfully offer customized design solution packages to its vast client base helping them ease the flow of IT and communication in their business.

IT Wavelength is a 10-year-old company with a great reputation in the industry for delivering software developments projects all across UAE, the Middle East, and worldwide. The company has its headquarters in Sharjah, UAE. IT Wavelength has been driving digital transformation to help businesses develop and grow in their respective verticals. The company is a solution provider for all IT-related concerns. IT Wavelength designs customized solution packages to help business communication flow. The various packages of the company include hardware & software implementations with support and training.

IT Wavelength recognizes that the future of all the businesses be it small or Large is Cloud Solutions which will help them unlock their business potential. The services of the company range from business and operational compliance to technical services covering software development, implementation, and production operations. The company’s commitment to quality in developing applications is based on strong customer focus and the dedication to providing more user-friendly and simplified solutions to them. The company is keenly focused on building long-term relationships with its clients. The company is invested in getting to know its clients’ business needs.

IT Wavelength is involved in delivering the best possible and cost-effective solution to its clients by identifying their requirements and helping them reduce their operational costs. The company adds value to its clients’ business by providing end-to-end solutions. The company not just delivers a software system but also provides the best solution that suits the IT environment of its clients. IT Wavelength also takes care of the integration of different sections of the company to streamline the workflow. 

The company also provides development and maintenance services which include a complete software development cycle which makes ensures smooth implementation of the software. The projects of the company are headed by its well-experienced project managers who ensure the swift transition of the project, with the client being updated about the project progress at each stage. The client's comfort in using the software is also been looked upon at every level of development by the company diligently.

The whole range of services provided by the company is streamlined into Web Development, Software Development, and IT Consultancy.

Products offered by the company are ERP, CRM, HRMS & Payroll, Accounting, Asset Management System, Distribution Management System, and Document Management System.

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