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Kabal is a pioneering, widely acclaimed international company with over a decade and more experience in freight forwarding software and other software & IT solutions. The company was founded in 2011 by two visionary entrepreneurs with experience in energy industry logistics and IT. The goal was to digitalize energy logistics by creating one common platform for operators and suppliers. Ten years later, the company’s SaaS solution is used across the globe by 60+ of the world’s leading energy companies and 36 000+ users. Kabal’s headquarters is in Stavanger, Norway, with offices in Lithuania, the UK, US, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, and Malaysia.

Kabal adhered to an uncompromising stance in its commitment to security. The company’s comprehensive security is provided by a team of experts, and proactive compliance and monitoring to protect its clients’ data. By leveraging world-class cloud infrastructure, Kabal provides high system availability and solid operational performance for its clients’ companies. Kabal complies with the rigorous expectations of its demanding customers and industry. The Information Security Management System of the company is certified with ISO/IEC 27001:2013, equivalent to SOC2. The confidentiality, integrity, and availability of its client's data is the company’s prime concern.

With Kabal, its clients are given total control of their company’s data, including all usage. All-access is authorized by application roles. Authentication is supported by its corporate Single Sign-On and multi-factor requirements. The company is trusted by all its clients for being able to continuously and rigorously improve all aspects of its SaaS solution, from availability and performance to security and functionality. The company lends services to industries like Oil/ Gas operators, Vendors, Rig companies, Supply base companies, and Marine companies. Kabal provides several reports and KPIs. These instantly transform its clients’ data into better decisions, operational improvements, and continuous value creation for their company.

Major clients of the company include Equinor, Spirit Energy, Sval, Repsol, Neptune Energy, Ineos – Oil & Gas, ADNOC, Wellesly Petroleum, Woodside, Total Energies, BP, and many more.

The specialties of the company include Cloud-based software, Offshore Logistics, Marine, Cargo, Personnel planning, Stock, KPI Management, Logistics Management, Warehouse, SaaS, Energy Logistics, Oil & Gas, Efficiencies, Logistics Software, and Drilling.


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