NDZ Technologies

NDZ Technologies is a widely acclaimed Information Technology & Services company with an impressive clientele and years of expertise in the industry. Established in 2015, the company has its headquarters in Dubai, UAE. The specialties of the company include Technology, Software, Web Applications, Field service management systems, Big-Data, UX Designs, and more.

NDZ Technologies is a leading, fast-growing, global leader aspirant in technology and digital, services as well as consulting. The company was established in the year 2015 and has since been successfully enabling its clients across the globe to navigate their digital transformation. The company employs 300+ resources with diverse technology and domain experience, which makes it a 360-degree partner. Since its inception in 2007, drawing 13 plus years of experience, the company is a results-driven intelligent solutions provider that uses the power of emerging technologies to advance and drive competitive advantage for its clients.

The company strives to create a friendly and sustainable relationship with people and nature inside and outside the company. The mission of the company is focused on delivering customer success through people, process, technology, infrastructure, and innovation. The vision of the company is to be a brand that epitomizes employee care and customer success.

Since its inception, NDZ has adopted continuous learning, dynamic expertise, and innovation in its core competencies like application development, data center management, and various IT consulting services and has given wings to its clients’ business ambitions. The limitless opportunities prevailing in the boundless world of IT ignite the fire of passion for technology in us. The company wants to make the IT world a better place to thrive in.

At NDZ, the company is not only focused on an employee’s professional growth but also their contribution to several other activities they are keenly interested in. NDZ also follows an open door policy to bind relationships among NDZians and provide an outlet for their creative ideas and talents. NDZ’s vision is to create a dynamic working environment where all its employees feel a sense of enjoyment. The company has adopted a collaborative environment to enable a seamless flow of communication with its clients, resulting in exponential growth.

The specialties of the company include Technology, Software, Web Applications, Field service management systems, Big-Data, UX Designs, Motion Graphics, Digital Media, IoT, Video Contents, Design, and Mobile Apps.

Major clients of the company include MedLife, Idea, Vodafone, Kerala Police, Al Rajhi Bank, Refex Energy Ltd, Vision – box, and more.

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