Novicom Marketing Group

Started by ex-Googlers in the Netherlands, Novicom Marketing Group opened their UAE office in 2012-2013 and established its presence across the country through comprehensive digital marketing activities. Novicom became the market leader in digital marketing for the event/entertainment industry, providing incredible online marketing services including social media marketing, digital marketing campaigns, content creation, lead generation campaigns, data analytics, and more. Being one of the top social media marketing agencies in UAE, Novicom offers outstanding marketing services to help clients establish their presence on various social handles including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other major channels as per the industry requirements. 

Since its establishment in 2012 in the UAE, Novicom is one of the most recommended social media marketing agencies by big brands and SMEs. At Novicom, they create, curate, and publish social media content for clients and manage their social media accounts, providing various services from content curation and designing to advertising and community management. Novicom is trusted by 500+ brands in over 40 countries. Being an industry leader, Novicom works for startups, medium and large companies, big brands, non-profit organizations and government agencies, regardless of the budget. 

Having more than 44 projects in the portfolio, Novicom works remotely with clients across the globe, providing excellent social media solutions to expand their presence and reach maximum potential customers even on a shoestring budget. To name a few, the major clients of Novicom include McDonald's, Tomorrowland, Qatar Airways, Four Seasons Hotels, Hisense, Nike, Filling Pieces, Red Bull, Rentokil, MOJO, EXPO 2020 Dubai, Warner Music Group and The North Face. What makes Novicom special from other social media marketing agencies in UAE are their high profile clients, digital experts, 1000+ campaigns per year, 24x7 customer service, 38 marketing certificates, and 60 plus digital natives. 

The digital natives of Novicom are highly passionate about data-driven content and advertising. They collect, organize, analyze and enhance data. Combining creativity, data, technology, and stories, they make a strategic plan for better social media reach. They have a team of talented professionals to create and promote engaging content at the highest level on various social media platforms. 

If you are looking for a leading social media marketing company in UAE that can deliver measurable results for your business, then Novicom Marketing Group will be one of the best choices. Get help from Novicom and increase your social media presence, boost your engagements, get more leads and sales, improving your return on investment. 

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