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SecurAX Technologies FZCO is a well-reputed Computer Software Solutions provider having over 10 years of industry experience in providing integrated security solutions.

The company helps its customers eliminate fixed costs and reduce operational overheads with a pay-as-you-go pricing model. The cloud-based solutions of SecurAX provide advanced features at an affordable cost. SecurAX is based out of Dubai with a presence in 4 cities in India. SecurAX has strong beliefs in its values of maintaining the highest ethical standards and best practices in the industry. Ensuring that all transactions are win-win, keeping the best interest of the customer at all times, the company seeks to exceed the service expectations of its customers and remain committed in its efforts in building our business with integrity.

The mission of the company is all about creating an organization of effective business people, where everybody thinks about the future, everybody amazes customers, and everybody manages the bottom line. The company has over 10 years of industry experience in providing integrated security solutions. SecurAX provides solutions to small, medium, and large organizations to meet their security and attendance needs. The company has proven experience in providing standalone and enterprise solutions. The company is capable of integrating its solutions with HRMS, Payroll, ERP systems.

The company has successfully partnered with leading manufacturers of security solutions to provide best-in-class products. SecurAX offers RFID Smart Card, Fingerprint, Hand Geometry, Face Recognition technology solutions. The company supports its clients with personalized attention and provides customized solutions. SecurAX analyzes the clients' requirements and implements the best possible solution. The software development team of the company is capable of developing solutions as per client needs and best-in-class products to integrate solutions to your existing applications.

From guarding a closed-door or controlling the accessibility, the preferred choice of companies are SecurAX for their security solutions. The company integrates HRMS, Payroll, and ERP systems with its tools, seamlessly both for standalone and enterprise needs.

The specialties of the company include Cloud-based biometric solutions, Time attendance and access control solutions, Employee tracking and productivity management, and more.




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