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Shipsy, being one of the top logistics and supply chain solutions companies in the UAE offers AI-integrated systems and mobility suites that seamlessly connect logistics networks globally by automating freight operations intelligently. Shipsy’s logistics and freight forwarding solutions provide complete visibility of the logistics operations, improve operational efficiency and use real-time analytics to make informed decisions. As a popular logistics software solutions company, Shipsy makes sure that they offer the best platforms to ease the effort involved in logistics and supply chain operations. 

Shipsy team works under a strong leadership where the management truly believes in their resources and produces outstanding results. Spearheaded by Soham Chokshi (Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder), Dhruv Agrawal (Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder), Himanshu Gupta (Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder), Sahil Arora (VP Technology and Co-founder), Harsh Kumar (Chief Strategy Officer), Reza (VP Marketing), Pradeep Mishra (Director, Engineering), and Aman Ruhela (Lead Architect), Shipsy has very hardworking and passionate resources who work in collaboration ensuring great success. 

While Shipsy offers solutions for Freight Procurement, Shipment Tracking, Route Optimization and Planning solution, first Mile Pickup, Mid Mile Pickup and Last Mile Delivery, and Courier Aggregator by use-case, the industry solutions include freight forwarder solutions, Courier, Express and Parcel solutions, etc. Using Shipsy solutions, you can optimize the operational costs and boost your organization’s profitability empowering digital transformation across your logistics business. Leveraging the Shipsy Logistics platform, freight forwarders can deliver optimal customer experience, enabling shipment tracking, shipment documentation, and invoice reconciliation. You can also automate the entire tracking process, generate shipping reports, save man-hours, ensure seamless delivery and stakeholder collaboration, enhance branding, increase revenue. 

Partnering with global and local networks, Shipsy is considered the most accountable and cost-effective logistics solutions company. The clients of Shipsy include Dabur, DTDC, Bombax, Vedanta Limited, Aarti Industries Limited, Jones Transport, Jubilant FoodWorks, Motherson, JSW, Jeebly, Frontline Express, Gulf Marketing Group (GMG), Starlinks, TATA Motors, TATA Steel, TIKKA, Caratlane, Zajil, and more. 

If you are looking for a seamless automation solution to track shipments across the land, air and ocean using advanced technology capabilities and ensure intelligent workflow management, Shipsy is one of the trusted and recommended vendors in the UAE. 




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