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Silicon Graphics is an internationally well-recognized IT Services company in the Middle East having considerable years of experience in the field of IT. The company is a subsidiary of Silicon Valley Graphics (SVG), formed in 1995 with the sole purpose of providing creative Print and Packaging services, and is based in Dubai, UAE. With the success of the company, in the beginning, the company expanded its market to cater to international clients. The milestone of its company’s success story can be measured by the expansion and diversification goals the company has attained in the Web Development market to cater to a broad international clientele. The aftershock of the internet boom period during the years 1995-2001 saw new forms of advancement in the Information Technology field.

Adapting to these modern methods SVG embraced Web Development as its primary service and with this progress into the digital world new growth opportunities emerged. A Vertical-Forward Integration in the form of a digital agency meant that SG would be able to provide end-to-end services which include post-development in Digital Marketing. As a result, Silicon Graphics was created as a digital agency to provide Web Development services with a primary focus on Digital Marketing. The focal point of all its company services is to enhance brand visibility on the market using cutting-edge technology and its expertise in production. The company has a team of experienced tech professionals with a proven track record of generating a staggering amount of revenues through strategic planning. At Silicon Graphics AE, the company provides its clients with bespoke eCommerce websites where its clients can sell products and services online. The company has a team of efficient developers who take its clients’ online business to the next level with a customized approach. Silicon Graphics is known for providing state-of-the-art eCommerce website design with a futuristic approach.

The specialties of the company include Digital Agency, Printing Services, Developers, eCommerce, Web Design, Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Landing pages, Brouchers, Video Development, Application Development, Google Analytics, PPC Management, Google Adwords, Product Listing Ads, Digital Enthusiasts, SEO, Branding, SMM, Rapid Agile Development, and Internet Marketing.




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