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Headquartered in Dubai, Silx is a full-cycle digital marketing solutions company having branches in Munich and London. The digital services of Silx range from content marketing to email marketing, infographics creation, SEO, public relations services, Social Media Management, digital advertising, and more. Being one of the top digital solutions and content marketing agencies in Dubai, Silx offers effective content strategies, making each client project successful. 

Silx team is led by Alex Ionides, Managing Director of the company. The team heads include Creative and Editorial Director, Content and Publishing Director, Digital Platforms Director, UI Design and Development Director, Art Director, and Finance Director. 

At Silx, they believe that content marketing brings conversion rates that are 6x higher than other conventional marketing methods. Compared to outbound marketing, content marketing is less expensive and the ROI from content marketing can be 4x higher than other forms of advertising. Through content marketing, they help clients elevate their brand in a competitive marketplace, attracting potential traffic and converting them into sales. Since all elements of digital marketing benefit from content marketing, Silx makes sure that they use the right content strategy in Email marketing, Media placement, Social media, Digital advertising, Public relations, and SEO.

Silx has secured a large number of clients from varied industries. Canon, Siemens, Willis Towers Watson, GMG, Fresh Stone Consulting, TGP, Willis, Virtuzone, Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba, Inova Care, Abacus, Dtec, Qlu, Euromed Clinic, Arabian Escapes, Aion Digital, Community Integrated Care, Smart Cells, EER, The Healthcare Network, Huriya Private, JK7 Skincare, RAK International Corporate Centre, Cynergy Care, Baraza, Ascots & Chapels, Next Generation Equity, EER, and several other reputed enterprises and organizations across the Emirates. 

If you are looking for a content marketing company in Dubai that focuses on exclusive content creation and distribution strategies, Silx is the right place. Providing engaging and compelling stories, high-quality creatives and descriptions, original articles, regular posting of content, Silx ensures that their clients get the best digital marketing outputs. Connect with Silx for quality content marketing services in the UAE. 




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