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Spica IT & Media Services is a well-known and widely acclaimed Information Technology & Services company with more than a decade of expertise in the industry. Established in the year 2007, the specialties of the company include SharePoint Development, .NET Development, SMART APPS, Media Monitoring, Content & Operation, and more.

Spica IT & Media Services is a leading and prominent Information Technology & Services provider based in UAE. Spica is a privately owned IT Company established in 2005 in the United Arab Emirates; with a dedicated team of employees, we strive for perfection, specialized in providing and delivering the latest and cutting edge solutions and services in B2B/B2C portal development, SharePoint Development, Social Media & Digital Marketing, audio/video production, and interactive system development, all of which will contribute to boosting your business worldwide. The company is the best place that brings together strategic insights, imaginary talents through technological expertise and knowledge to deliver the best results to clients.

Initiating is not just coming up with new ideas, but it is identifying the best opportunities, capabilities, and expertise to be applied to come up with solutions from research and development to market place. Spica believes that initiating is the ability to translate ideas into reality that enhances business success and commercial performance. From the initial consultation to the completed project, the company offers a process in which the client and its creative and technical team collaborate to develop materials that reflect the intended communication goals.

Products of the company include Smart Media Platform, Flexiflow, and SmartBook.

Smart Media Platform is an interactive media solution, aimed to enhance media and information usability. The Smart Media Center puts the clients’ company’s precious multimedia collection in the palm of the viewer's hand seamlessly; with its light feather-weight footprint, it puts an end to the days of endless buffering, complex settings, and jumbled user interfaces.

Flexi Flow enables real-time collaboration between peers, departments, and organizational units. It helps to get rid of the tedious paperwork enabling companies to smoothly make the transition away from manual paperwork and to enable the automation of it all.

Spica’s SmartBook is a first-of-its-kind interactive publication system, with an adaptive reading experience designed to change the way people read and interact with books. The engaging experience enables the user to get the most out of the content

The specialties of the company include SharePoint Development, .NET Development, SMART APPS, Media Monitoring, Content & Operation, and more.

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