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Tenx Software Foundations LLC is a well-recognized IT Solutions & Services company based in the Middle East. 10X Software Foundations is an SAP PE Build Partner and is a company that is focused on SAP, the future ERP, for small, medium, and large-sized enterprises. The mission of the company is to introduce customers to the vast world of SAP by empowering their businesses with certified professionals. With 10X Software Foundations, clients are assured to have picked the right SAP Partner to grow their businesses. To work with 10X means to work with SAP Certified experts who have the passion to make the impossible happen. The company develops comprehensive add-ons on SAP that cover virtually all aspects of enterprises.

The company is solely focused on SAP Business One, and the company streamlines its clients’ business as per industry best practices with SAP Business One. Tenx is specialized in implementing ERP successfully. Going live on time and posting go-live support is the company’s primary goal and there is nothing that would defocus the company from achieving it. Tenx has the best industry Expertise involving mapping the right business requirements keeping in mind SAP Best Practices and a complete strategic consultative approach to optimize the cost and efficiency. Tenx is an SAP PartnerEdge Build Partner and is a company that is focused on SAP, the future ERP, for small, medium, and large-sized enterprises. The company’s people, services, and innovations are making headlines in every industry and Tenx is proud to be able to provide end-to-end implementations and support on SAP Business One.

SAP Business One is tailored to cover all industry verticals and covers all Business needs from Financial Management, Sales and Customer Management, Purchasing and Inventory Control, Production Planning, Business Intelligence to Analytics and Reporting. SAP Business One has extensive industry functionality, best practices, and processes built-in. As its clients’ business grows, SAP Business One can be extended to meet its client's specific business and industry challenges using SAP Business One Studio, SDK, or any of its add-ons. SAP Business One is specifically built for growing businesses that have outgrown their legacy systems. SAP Business One provides instant access to critical business information so users can confidently make business decisions.

The specialties of the company include SAP Implementation, SAP Add-on Developments, SAP Upgrades/Migrations, SAP AMS Managed Services/Staff Augmentation.




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