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Velosi Asset Integrity Limited is a leading, widely acclaimed, reputed global Asset Integrity, Engineering, HSE, and Software solutions provider based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Established in 2009, headquartered in Abu Dubai, the company operates globally through its associate offices in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Velosi offers its clients complete asset integrity management and software solutions. The strength of Velosi comes from offering a multi-regional service while meeting local needs. Velosi operates in selected, world’s major established and emerging markets. From its local offices, the clients can easily access its network to receive the service that the client needs. This approach by Velosi provides a solution to companies who are trying to control operations in unfamiliar territories remotely and makes it stand out from the other industry competitors.

With over 39+ years of experience, projects across 86+ countries worldwide, 390+ satisfied clients, and 800+ completed projects, the company is a formidable force in the industry. The company offers a full range of specialized engineering consultancy services complete with its in-house proprietary software that has been developed and tailored to the energy business needs.

Since 2007, Velosi has been part of more than 800+ major projects awarded by some of the world's leading multinational companies in the energy sector. The company is working with some of the world's largest energy companies including ADNOC, Dragon Oil, Saudi Aramco, LUKOIL, QAFCO, PETRONAS, TANAP, Sonatrach, PPL, SNGPL, Dolphin Energy, KPOC, OOCEP, QP, KOC, ORPIC, REPSOL, BP, Groupement Berkine, Groupement Reggane (GRN), BAPCO, KJO, Petro Energy and others, who contracted Velosi services as a one-stop center for Asset Integrity Management, HSE, Engineering, and Software Solutions.

Velosi has very successful retention of existing clients. It stands as a testimonial of the reputation and confidence Velosi’s clients have in its team and services. Demand-driven by new projects and concerns over safety and the environment makes the services Velosi provides a 'must-have' investment for all energy companies.

Velosi operates globally through its associate offices in Africa, Asia, Europe, & Middle East and its corporate offices is in UK and head office in UAE (Abu Dhabi). 


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