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Way2Smile is a leading and prominent IT Consulting and Services company based in Dubai, UAE. As a pioneer in IT Solutions, the digital transformation of the company is well-versed in application development and consulting regardless of how complex they are.

Way2Smile leverages Artificial Intelligence as a priority and gathers their social interests to offer suggestions accordingly. Travelers can get to know the locations nearby. Be it a must-visit one, a hotel/ restaurant of their budget, a nearby event which they may be interested in.

The company has developed this fully-featured application that can keep track of live location instantly. This applies to all industries which include E-Commerce, Food Delivery, etc. With a separate set of features for both Admin and User end, the company has made the process quite simple.

The ‘Car Dealer & Supplier Management Apps’ of the company focus on one thing and one thing only- customer satisfaction. The automobile space has a lot of practical hiccups which the company has addressed through design upgrades. Way2Smile has developed a system that helps customers to manage their payment history with the automobile giant.

The software of the company is also designed to develop a mutual bond between the company and customers. Customers can verify the credibility of the cars from the company’s software.

TheChasm is a sales and lead management software that completely focuses on lead conversions. It helps clients to manage their entire sales operation in a single place through a minimalistic interface. One can easily track the sales records and also, the application assigns the upcoming tasks to the next business team. TheChasm is not confined to a single platform-there is a web version and also a mobile version.

The design layout for the perfume distribution portal is simple yet elegant. A one-stop destination to buy perfumes from a curated list of popular brands. The interface is designed in a way that lets customers explore various brands. The website is integrated with their social media handles and vice versa. This helps to develop better customer engagement and increases the scope for lead to sales conversion.

The whole range of services provided by the company is streamlined into Web Designing, Branding, G- Suite, SEO, Graphic Designing, Hosting Services, Social Media Marketing, Web Applications, Online Marketing, Reputation Management, and more.




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