ZKTeco is a leading global developer of innovative advanced facial, fingerprint, and RFID reader solutions used in access control and time & attendance applications. Established in 1985, the company has its headquarters in Dubai, UAE. The specialties of the company include Time Attendance, Video Surveillance, Access Control, Smart Lock, Parking System, Security Solutions, Touchless Biometrics, and Biometrics.

ZKTeco is a globally renowned enterprise with biometric verification as to its core techniques, which dedicates itself in the three industries including Biometric Verification Core Technique Empowerment, Smart Entrance Exit “Person+Car+Object” Software Platform Empowerment, and ZKTeco+Smart Office Cloud Platform Empowerment. The company provides total services to the users of global public services, enterprise-level users, and personal users. ZKTeco has approximately 3,500 employees globally, among them, there are around 1,000 R&D and 600 foreign staff. The enterprise owns 45 branches and subsidiaries in China, and 48 branch organizations in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and overseas (As of 1st May 2020). ZKTeco has various centers for development, design, and innovations in Silicon Valley, Europe, India, Dongguan, Xiamen, and Dalian. At present, ZKTeco techniques and smart terminals have been applied by most 500 global top enterprises, and its business has already covered more than 100 countries and regions. ZKTeco upholds the vision of “Responsibility, Integrity, Pragmatism, and Excellence”, which wishes to change the world with technology and make a safer and wiser living and social development.

ZKTeco is a renowned provider of biometric verification algorithm techniques, sensors and software platforms, which owns patents of fingerprint, iris, face, vein, and palm print recognition techniques, etc., and owns patents of computing vision techniques including facial recognition, identification of behaviors, X-ray object identification, and video structure, which make ZKTeco one of the enterprises in the industry that owns comparatively numerous patents. From the core technical authorizations of physical and behavioral features including fingerprint, iris, face, and vein, to ZKBioDeSee Software empowered by hybrid biometric verification and computer vision and hybrid biometric verification identity authentication O2O smart terminals and solutions, we offer one-stop solutions based on smart verification and identity authentication applications for vertical industries, partners, and system integrators.

ZKTeco owns professional development and supplies chain teams for a smart terminal of person, car, and object passages, and globally famous entrance & exit biometric verification computer vision smart IoT hardware and servers, private cloud, and public linkage services to provide system integration services for many partners regarding industry solutions.

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