Microsoft Dynamics Solutions in Sharjah

Lits Distribution

Lits Distribution is a leading, widely acclaimed cyber security and IT Solutions provider based in Sharjah, UAE. Established in 2003, the company has a decade and more of expertise in bringing the industry's best solutions to its clients worldwide. The specialties of the company include IT Solutions, Unified Threat Management Appliances, Network Security, Global Internet Roaming, Back up & Recovery, Cloud Service Provider, Disaster Recovery, and more.

Nice Software Solutions

Nice Software Solutions (NSS) is a prominent and professional services company, focusing on Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions. The company specializes in MicroStrategy, Tableau, and Informatica technologies and is an expert in producing quicker, impactful, and user-friendly analytics within Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence domains. The specialties of the company include MicroStrategy BI Consulting and Training, Informatica Consulting and Training, Tableau BI Consulting and Training, and more.


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